SAFINA Cu powders


Safina offers Cu powders such as Cu-OF (purity 4N), CuCrZr and several types of bronzes (CuAl, CuSn) and brass (CuZn).

Which are used in Additive Manufacturing in PBF (Power Bed Fusion) or also in CGS technology (Cold Gas Spray).

Thanks to their quality, our Cu powders are also used in the field of Additive Manufacturing in PBF (Power Bed Fusion) or also in CGS technology(Cold Gas Spray).
A very well-tuned production process achieves a quality result which is a first class Cu powder with a certain grain size and chemical composition which can be adjusted according to the customer’s wishes and needs.

As standars we offer Cu powders such as Cu-OF (purity 4N), CuCrZr and several types of bronzes (CuAl, CuSn) and brass (CuZn).

Safina has also altered the entire process, from melt atomisation to packing, in order to prevent oxygen contamination and reach optimal particle size distribution. This is especially important for its copper alloys, as copper powder is very sensitive to oxygen exposure and rapid oxidisation can influence its mechanical properties, meaning a proper handling procedure is vital at both sides of the supply chain.

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