Powders for Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing

Gas atomization of metal powders for AM has been developed and proved by leading manufcturers in the AM industry, including machine manufacturers and major custom manufacturers. Moreover, we also develop and test new alloys so feel free to make a request.

Copper and its alloys are used typicaly for heat exchangers, induction coils, nozzles, combustion chambers and parts of electricc engines.

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Material– Cu-OF
– CuCr1Zr
– CuSn
– CuAg
– CuAl
– CuAgZr
Particle Size Distribution (PSD)Laser Beam : 15-45 µm / 20-63 µm
Electron Beam: 40-105 µm
Binder Jetting: <15 / <25 / <40 µm


We have optimized the process of producing gas atomized powders so that the powder guarantees excellent results when used on additive manufacturing (AM) systems, also thanks to the fact that we have set up close cooperation with 3D printer manufacturers. The developed powder has optimum fluidity, particle sphericity, low satellite content, high chemical purity and satisfactory oxygen content. We focus on high-quality packaging of powders under protective atmosphere, which makes them have perfect properties even after 6 months.

We produce customized powders

We focus on custom manufacturing according to our customers’ specific requirements to ensure that the powders exactly match the specific application and production system. You can rely on short delivery times, flexible negotiations and many years of experience.