About SAFINA, a.s.

Interesting things about Safina

  • Copper Wire close up look 50 microns

    The thinnest wire we supply is as thin as a human hair

  • Vesmír 100 km above the Earth

    components from Safina powders are flying

  • termočlánkový drát 75 km

    Safina produces thermocouples annually

Our values

  1. 1. Responsibility

    We are committed to legitimate and ethical sourcing and regularly audit our supply chain. We make no compromises in our responsible approach to our customers, suppliers and the environment.

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  2. 2. Trustworthiness

    We understand our industry perfectly and we are a partner our customers can rely on. We build on tradition and years of experience that we have been gaining since 1860.

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  3. 3. Quality

    Our products meet the strictest quality requirements. In fact, we supply industrial sectors where errors are not tolerated. We are constantly improving the properties of our products with advanced technologies and improved processes.

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Company vision and mission

Company mission

We’re the masters of metal, crafting premium products that exceed the highest standards of quality. As a trusted partner, we’ve got the experience and expertise to bring your ideas to life – whether you want a standard product or something totally custom. At the forefront of sustainability, we’re dedicated to processing precious metals responsibly and sustainably. With a strong commitment to fair practices throughout the supply chain, we’re leading the way in the circular economy.

Company vision

Step into the future of precious metal processing with Safina. As the leading innovators in Western Europe and America, we’re setting the standard for high-value, high-quality products. Our experienced team leverages cutting-edge technologies to stay ahead of the curve, and our partnerships with the biggest names in automotive, aerospace, glass, and jewelry industries are proof of our expertise. With a clear vision for the future, we’re investing in additive technologies and 3D printing to continue shaping the future of our industry. Join us in the next frontier of precious metal processing.

Company history