Powders for Cold Gas Spray

Safina delivers powders for Cold Gas Spray (CGS) and offers job shop using CGS and for these applications are used mainly powders from own production. CGS offers substantial options of applications like thin and thick coatings, combination of layers and metal parts repair. Compared to conventional metal 3D printing, CGS is more productive process, however, with significantly greater limitations related to the geometry of the produced parts.

Our powdres are used in various application like pure copper in electric switch boards, CuCr1Zr for high temperatures or CuAl in wear resistant parts all sprayed by Cold Gas Spray technology.

More information

Composition– Cu
– CuCr1Zr
– CuAl10
– Ag
Particle Size Distribution (PSD)standardly 15-53 um
and also according to customer requirements

We are innovative

We have optimized the production process of the gas-atomized powders, making sure the powder guarantees excellent results when used with Cold Spray technology. The developed powder is of a high fluidity, sphericity, low satellite content, high chemical purity and low oxygen volume. We focus on unique packaging of the powders, thanks to which their characteristics are perfect even after 6 months.

Custom production as advantage

We can offer customized production of powder based on specific requirements of your application. You can rely on our flexibility and years of experience.


  • wide range of powders for spraying 
  • unique combination of materials (powders and substrates)
  • high productivity due to the high building rate
  • perfect homogeneity of micro and macro structure
  • cold method – temperature of sprayed particles remains below melting point and therefore unique properties are reached