Gas Atomized Powders

Our portfolio of copper and precious metal- based gas atomized powders is used in state of art technologies od Additive Manufacturing such as Powder Bed Fusion, Cold Gas Spraying and Metal Injection Molding.

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Powders for Additive Manufacturing

Gas atomized powders for additive manufacturing (metal 3D printing) are characterized by high emphasis on particle sphericity, chemical purity and optimal particle size distribution (PSD).

Powders for Cold Gas Spray

Safina has developed unique powders designed specifically for Cold Gas Spraying (CGS). We have many years of experience in spraying these powders and our customers also benefit from the powder design, made mainly for this additive technology.

Powders for Metal Injection Molding

Very fine gas atomized powders are used for Metal Incetion Molding (MIM). This process also benefits from our spherical and very pure metals in cutting edge products. We offer customized production, conducted in close cooperation with our customers.