RFA casting dishes for pearls

Our high-quality pearl casting dishes are used for the melting, homogenizing and other handling of minerals at high temperatures. They are used in the chemical, metallurgical, glass and ceramic industries and at universities and other research institutions. The excellent properties of our precious metal tools are guaranteed by a high degree of the purity of the used material and its complete homogeneity. We consistently adapt the production and processing of the required tools to the given material. The process is made easier thanks to our many years of experience.

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Composition– Pt 99,95/99,99%
– PtRh10/20/30
– PtIr10/20
– PtAu5/10
– Pt GSP

– or on request
Customized production

Specifications of the platinum products

We have introduced an innovative stabilized Pt GSP platinum, which replaces the costly Pt-Rh alloys. Why rely on platinum?

  • It is resistant to chemical corrosion,
  • has a high melting point (1,768 °C) and low (saturation) vapor pressure,
  • is resistant to hydrofluoric acid and in mixtures with sulfuric acid and nitric acid,
  • its catalytic efficiency facilitates the ashing of organic materials,
  • can be homogeneously welded without any defects, thus making soldering unnecessary.

We focus on recycling

Send us back your old laboratory equipment and we will recycle it using metallurgical and chemical processes. We will credit your account for the sent material and use it for the future production of new products or we will directly buy the material from you.

We offer customized production

We offer the possibility to modify existing products or to produce customized products according to customer requirements upon mutual agreement and after delivery of the corresponding technical documentation from the customer. Our technologists will be happy to assist you with your assignment.