Customized development of precious metal and non-ferrous alloys

We offer flexible material engineering collaboration for partners from a wide range of industries where our materials are used.

We offer solutions tailored to your requirements

We offer product assessments and recommendations related to suitable materials, and customized production made of materials outside of the standard production portfolio. We can also design a completely new material that exactly meets your requirements.

Used technologies

We primarily focus on the optimization of precious and non-ferrous metal-based alloys from the perspective of their properties, and on processing procedures, using a wide range of technologies, from melting to additive technologies.

What we doUsed technologies
Strength propertiesVickers hardness
Tensile tests, shear strength (20 kN)
Creep stress-rupture test (1,500 °C, air)  
Structural analysisOptical metallography
Scanning electron microscope (TESCAN VEGA3)
Characterization of the powdersImage (CAMSIZER X2) and network analysis
Fluidity, bulk density
Production technology– Induction vacuum furnaces
– Heat treatment (in a protective atmosphere)
– Forming processes (forging, extrusion, drawing, rolling, pressing)
– CNC machining
– Soldering, welding
– Surface treatments: blasting and metallization (Flame-Spray, Arc-Spray)
– Powder production (gas atomization, chemical precipitation, air-classifying and sieving)
– Powder metallurgy (mechanical alloying)
– Additive technology (Cold Gas Spray)


Why should you rely on us?

✓ we put an emphasis on practical use

✓ we have more than 100 years of experience

✓ due to our in-house recycling process, the development cost of precious metal alloys is lower

✓ we cooperate with universities and other research institutes

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