Platinum wires

Its high resistance to chemical corrosion and high melting temperature (1,768 °C) make platinum suitable for the chemical, glass, or aerospace industry. Innovative production technology increases the lifetime of platinum wires in extreme conditions. Moreover, we check all batches of the finished wires in our analytical laboratory to ensure their highest possible quality.

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Vlastnosti platinových drátů

Composition– Pt 99,95/99,99%
– PtRh10/20/30
– PtIr10/20
– PtAu5/10

other alloys or on request
Wire diameters0,05–2,0 mm
Maximum deviation0,05 mm (0,002“)
Customized production

We offer customized production

We provide flexible and customized solutions upon customer requests, making sure they exactly match your requirements.

We focus on recycling

Send us back your waste wires and we will recycle them. We will credit your Metal Account  for  with the sent material and use it for the future production of new products or we will directly buy the material from you.