We are a manufacturer and supplier of platinum thimbles and tubes


We are a manufacturer and supplier of platinum thimbles and tubes, which are mainly used in temperature measurement to ensure mechanical strength at high temperatures.

Safina offers technical support, where we can work with the customer on the design, development and production of thimbles or pipes. Platinum thimbles and tubes are made of a special platinum alloy, which was developed especially for applications in the glass industry. The main attributes are to maintain their own strengths with exceptional welding ability in the area of ​​high temperatures, and there is also excellent corrosion resistance.

Both of these products are offered in various size variants, according to the customer’s needs. Following the project, where we try to maintain quality and accuracy, we have established a new line of dies, where we focus on greater accuracy and quality. Our production possibilities have been expanded by a set of dies, where we can offer a 0,18 mm wall for thimbles with a round bottom. All these products are manufactured according to the specifications given by the technical documentation and drawings.

  • Platinum alloy thimbles are used primarily in temperature measurement to provide mechanical strength at high temperatures. Additionally, these thimbles provide protection for use in highly corrosive and oxidizing environments. Safina offers both technical and design support to help bring solutions to the marketplace for our customers.
  • Tubing dimensions: 0.06″ (1,5mm) to 0.984″ (25mm) OD, larger diameters on request.

Contact our sales team and they can provide a quote and help you find the best solution for your company.

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