Thermocouples Done Right: How Safina Delivers Quality and Accuracy


Thermocouples are widely used in industrial and scientific applications to measure temperature. They are made of two different metals joined together, and the voltage produced at their junction changes with temperature. Precious metals thermocouples are particularly valued for their accuracy and reliability, and Safina has been manufacturing them for almost half a century.

Safina’s manufacturing process places an extraordinary emphasis on accuracy and reliability, and each batch is tested in their modern accredited laboratory and provided with a quality certificate. The company offers thermocouples in the form of individual thermocouple legs (wires) as well as in the form of couples produced by connecting both legs. Additionally, they can supply thermocouples clad in protective ceramic capillary upon request.

All thermocouples supplied by Safina are in compliance with the standard EN 60584-1 based on the international temperature range ITS-90. This means that they meet the highest international standards for temperature measurement.

The selection of an optimal type of thermocouple depends on several factors, including the application temperature, atmosphere, required length of operating life, accuracy, and sensitivity of the couple. The type of thermocouple used can make a significant difference in the accuracy of temperature measurement.

One issue that arises with thermocouples over time is a gradual decrease in the thermoelectric voltage value, particularly for type S and R thermocouples exposed to high temperatures. This decrease is caused by the diffusion of rhodium into the platinum leg and cannot be prevented. Therefore, it is essential to regularly check and exchange thermocouples to maintain their accuracy.

Customers can specify if they want their thermocouple product prepared by keeping the length or keeping the weight according to their preference. If there is no specification from the customer, Safina will deliver the product by keeping the length.

In conclusion, Safina is a leading manufacturer of precious metals thermocouples, offering high accuracy and reliability in temperature measurement. They prioritize quality in their manufacturing process and provide top-notch testing to ensure the highest level of precision. Their thermocouples meet international standards, and customers can specify their preference for product preparation.

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