Stabilized platinum – a rising star in the field of precious metal materials


Laboratory equipment tubes, thimbles, annulus and products for glass industry.

Safina offers a range of stabilized platinum products for different industries and manufacturing fields.

The general professional public, customers, manufacturers and traders, whose activities are focused on the precious metals segment, are watching carefully rapid increase of prices. These are mainly rhodium, iridium, palladium and partly also platinum.

The percentage increases over the last 3 years are as follows: 

Rhodium             +1230%
Iridium                 +400%
Palladium            +198%      
Platinum                             +36%

This increase in input prices puts extreme pressure to increase product prices, which is passed on to final customers.
Manufacturers are therefore trying to find reserves that would at least partially compensate for the extreme price increase. One of the possibilities is the use of so-called stabilized platinum, which is a material that has been known for many years, but so far has been used only for special purposes. It is essentially pure platinum, where the crystalline lattice of the metal is stabilized by the addition of another element (e.g. zirconium) which causes the crystalline structure of the metal to strengthen.

The material thus acquires better mechanical properties and longer service life than the original pure metal. The price is significantly higher than for pure metal, but does not reach the extremely high prices of platinum alloys with rhodium or iridium.

Areas of application of stabilized platinum

Laboratory equipment – the ideal use of stabilized platinum is laboratory equipment and tools, such as cups, bowls, lids, spoons, shovels, spatulas, etc. This means products that are manufactured by metal stamping, without the need for welded joints. Safina offers a full range of dimensional variants of these products, which are listed in our catalog available on the website.

Tubes, thimbles, annulus – in the production of seamless tubes or annulus (intermediate rings) there is also no need for welded joints. However, the supply of seamless tubes is currently very limited.
– longitudinal welded tubes, produced by twisting sheet metal and welding it
– thimbles made of welded tubes with a flange and a round or flat bottom

Both of these products are offered in various dimensional options, according to the customer’s needs. The limitation is the minimum material thickness of 0.18 mm where the maximum diameter for this wall thickness is 12 mm. If a flange is required, the minimum flange thickness in this case is 0.4 mm.

Products for glass industry – these are spare parts for technology that come into contact with molten glass and must be resistant to high temperatures over 1200 ° C.
These are, for example, the following products:

All these products are manufactured according to the specifications given by the technical documentation and drawings.

Contact our sales team and they will be happy to give you a quote and help you find the best solution for your company.

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