Spraying of functional layers

The sprays extend the lifetime of the given products and improve their characteristic. We use flame and arc melting technologies as well as Cold Gas Spray. We focus on the application of Ag or Cu based conductive layers and protective Pt layers for the glass industry.

Flame spray

Cold Gas Spray

A high pressure cold spray that is used in the automotive industry and aerospace and that serves as a protective and functional coating. We guarantee a high quality of the sprays, excellent homogeneity and characteristics similar to a raw material.

Why should you rely on Safina?

  • Thanks to our many years of experience, we can develop and precisely design required spraying parameters.
  • We use our own powder, which allows us to control the entire spraying process. Moreover, we can change its parameters, making sure we achieve the best possible result of the sprayed layer.
  • Fast and flexible conduct.

Platinum Sprays (Thermal Spray)

We focus on protective platinum coatings for ceramic bases. The sprays prolong the lifetime of the parts of the technologies used in the glass industry, thus significantly reducing the risk of production interruptions. Platinum sprays are thus also significantly advantageous economically.

Areas of application

Platinum sprays are used in the glass and petrochemical industries and in research institutes. The sprays are applied to equipment that is subjected to the most demanding conditions during melting and processing – i.e. melting pots, dozing devises, plungers, stirrers, stones or production systems for crystal glasses and high-precision glass manufacturing systems.

Why should you rely on Safina?

  • Many years of experience,
  • production speed,
  • flexibility,
  • strict tolerances,
  • minimal production losses.

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