Services for sputtering targets

We offer target bonding, which guarantees a solid connection to a backing plate, and target design optimization, which ensures a greater usability and extends the lifetime of the targets.

Bonding of targets

We can bond targets to backing plates, thus ensuring strong connections and allowing for easier clamping into the coating machine.

Why should you rely on Safina?

We can produce both, targets and Cu backing plates. We thus deliver complete products. You can rely on our extensive know-how, which is based on our many years of experience.

Target design optimization

We offer design optimization of the planar targets, with the objective to achieve their higher usability with the lowest possible weight increase. This service is appreciated by customers that use planar targets or round targets that are at least 3 mm thick. The optimization process guarantees a greater usability and longer lifetime of the targets.

Why should you rely on Safina?

We continuously consult the final design with the customers and are able to adapt it to their requirements. Our work is based on our many years of experience. We guarantee a fast conduct and flexible customized solutions of your orders.

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