Safina will take part in the first virtual meeting of the Cold Spray Club


We are excited to announce that Safina will take part in the first virtual meeting of the Cold Spray Club.

We are excited to announce that Safina will take part in the first virtual meeting of the Cold Spray Club
Our powder development engineer Michal Brezovan will perform on Tuesday, 23rd of March 2021 with the topic: “Production of CuCr1Zr powder for cold gas spray and influences on the quality”.

We are proud to develop and introduce mentioned alloy, which enable Safina to widen the portfolio of powders and attract range of customers in different industries.

A little about history:

Since 2006, the COLD SPRAY CLUB is run by the Ecole des Mines de Paris and its Competence Centre for Spray Processing (Director: Francesco Delloro). The Cold Spray Club has worked regularly with two meetings per year for 10 years. Two international symposia EUCOSS with a mini-exhibition in 2011 and 2014 were scheduled in Paris. The COLD SPRAY CLUB regards laboratories, transfer centers and industrial companies (manufacturers, applicators and end-users) interested in this dynamic process commonly called “cold spray“.

Although increasingly recognized that such solid-state deposition technique is now one the leaders in terms of innovation among the many thermal spray processes. The cold spray process was undoubtfully growing in recent years because it offers the possibility of making metal deposits (possibly composite) dense and thick preserving the purity of the sprayed powders. It now becomes a very interesting process for Additive Manufacturing industry. These desired characteristics, combined with the commercialization of robust industrial equipment to be fully integrated in a production line make a keen interest in many industrial sectors (aerospace, biomedical, energy, repair, …).

However, the cold spray characteristic mechanisms in relation to the characteristics of the powders are still the heart of the concerns of researchers involved in the Cold Spray Science. The mission of the COLD SPRAY CLUB is to expose and address issues related to understanding the process and analysis of the materials that are made by this new manufacturing route. To do this, it is proposed in the COLD SPRAY CLUB to arrange active exchanges through oral presentations and panel group discussions with members at regular meetings (about 2 per year) and to promote the worldwide networking of the academic and industrial members. Literature review and technological surveillance has been conducted since 2006 and registered on the area reserved for Club members within the Cold Spray Club.

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