Safina offers wide range of atomized and chemically precipitated powders


As you probably already know, Safina is known for its precious metals.

Yes, this is also the case for atomized and chemically precipitated powders. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of precious metals, Safina manufactures not only copper and aluminum alloy powders but also silver and gold powders. 

You can find the area of application of these powders not only in the jewelry industry but also in various sectors of industry.

Atomized powders from Safina exceed in their sphericity and small number of so-called satellites. Thanks to this, it is possible to use our atomized metal powder for Cold Gas Spray (CGS) application, which is able to spray powder particles using kinetic energy on different types of components. CGS offers substantial applications for surface functionalization, such as thin and thick coatings, functional layers, combination of layers and building of structures. Safina Spray Shop offers highly diversified range of services using CGS technology.

Safina’s atomized metal powders are also tailored specifically for additive manufacturing processes, like direct metal deposition, direct metal laser sintering, electron beam melting, laser metal deposition, metal injection molding, selective laser melting and laser cladding. Fine powders with the high repeatability and reproducibility can be modified based on customer request in order to reach perfect layers with constant density and uniform build rates.
Technologie Also Safina presents a complete line of high purity, chemically precipitated silver powders that can be modified according to almost any customer requirements.
We welcome the opportunity to develop new powder products for your unique applications.

In our product portfolio, in addition to powders made of pure silver and gold, you can also find alloys of these metals:

  • Ag72Cu
  • Sterling silver (Ag93.5Cu)
  • CuAg3Zr

Safina emphasizes their purity, strictly controlled particle size and also has the possibility to create a powder at the customer’s request.
Our sales team will help you find the best solution for your business.

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