RMI - The Responsible Minerals Initiative is a standard of management systems and sourcing practices of gold refiners.

We are pleased to announce our membership to the Responsible Minerals Initiative was reconfirmed!

SAFINA a.s. is aware of the concerns that sourcing of certain metals (Gold and 3T metals -Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten) may contribute to financing the armed conflict and human right abuses.To address these serious concerns SAFINA, a.s. has implemented due diligence procedures to evaluate the smelters and sources of Gold within our supply chain with the goal to establish a conflict-free supply chain.

Our membership in RMI is another step in our sustainability story; a critical move forward as a business that will aid us collectively, as an industry, to move toward responsible mineral sourcing.

RMI membership help us:

  • Adopt and commit to a conflict-free supply chain policy;
  • Connect to supplier data and identify high-risk areas in our supply chain;
  • Conduct a due diligence review of our supply chain and establish procedurs in accordance international standards;
  • Engage other member companies, customers, stakeholders and partners to promote responsible minerals sourcing;
  • Provide our partners with feedback on the quality of their conflict minerals due diligence information;
  • Provide a channel for the sales of precious metals to other RMI members

    The RMI Mission
    Since its foundation RMI has grown into one of the most respected resources for companies — from a range of industries — addressing responsible mineral sourcing issues in their supply chains. More than 380 companies participate in the RMI today, regularly collaborating with each other, complementary programs and initiatives.
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