Redefining Sustainability in Metal Recycling

A long-standing tradition in the field of processing precious and non-ferrous metals is connected with a service that offers comprehensive processing of materials and waste containing Pt, Pd, Rh, Ir, Ag, Au.

Currently when the emphasis is on work efficiency and at the same time a gentle approach to the environment, Safina, a.s. is an indispensable company in the field of precious metal raw material processing. It allows the return of material back into circulation and gives them another chance. Mining and extraction of precious metals is often more environmentally and financially demanding than their reuse. Thanks to recycling, you can regain added value to the material, even if at first glance it appears to be depreciated. Another possible advantage of recycling material with a high value is the minimization of exchange rate risks.

Each customer who contacts the recycling department is individually assessed according to the type of material and its quantity. This department offers quality services with the most professional approach. Primary pretreatment and homogenization are provided as part of the services. The material is sampled and analyzed in an accredited laboratory equipped with modern instrumentation. The subsequent refining of metals takes place using proven and environmentally friendly technologies that were developed in Safina, a.s. over many years and they have reached European standards. During refining, the maximum purity of the metals is achieved, even though they come from different sources.

The processes also include the refining of pure iridium and rhodium. The customer can bring a variety of materials to Safina, a.s. including: industrial and automotive catalytic converters, platinum group products (glass industry, chemical applications), dental and medical equipment, waste from electrical and electronic equipment, waste from jewelry production and other waste containing precious metals (minimum payable content 2 g/kg).

After processing the material, the metals are credited on a so-called Claim account.  The account is maintained without fees. These can be drawn in the form of a new product, in their pure form, or there is the option of reselling them.

In addition, administrative and logistical service solutions are provided, in accordance with legal regulations.

All steps that are part of material processing are legal, environmentally friendly and in accordance with safety regulations. The company Safina, a.s. is a member of the RMI (Responsible Minerals Initiative) and follows the European Union Regulation 2017/821 on responsible supply chain.

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