Thermocouple of the B type

The type 'B' thermocouple is used for accurate temperature measurement from 0 °C to 1600 °C. We deliver thermocouples in pairs or in individual branches and only in a pre-annealed condition. The customer thus should complete the thermocouple annealing process pursuant to ASTM E220 - 19. The final annealing is necessary to remove parasite thermoelectric voltages that occur during the production and handling of the thermocouples. The recommended annealing temperature for a diameter of 0.5 mm is 1,450 °C for 45 minutes.

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Type B

Use of the thermocouples

Our thermocouples meet the strictest quality requirements. We test all produced batches and we furnish them with the corresponding calibration data and quality certificates. They play an irreplaceable role in, for example, automotive sensors, aircraft engines or satellites,

International standards

All platinum thermocouples are calibrated in a calibration laboratory using international reference standards, which are traceable When calibrating our thermocouples we use international standards (ČSN EN 60584-1 ed.2:2014, ASTM E230/230M). Measurements are performed at Safina using the fixed point method based on the melting point of pure metals, namely Zn (419.53°C), Al (660.23°C), Au (1064.18°C), and Pd (1553.50°C).

We offer customized production

We offer standard (most frequently requested) diameters in stock, such as 0.35 and 0.50 mm, or alternatively any diameter from 0.05 mm (50 µm) to 2.0 mm.  We provide flexible solutions to customized requests as well as support in selecting thermocouples to match your exact requirements. Analytical and calibration laboratories are also available.

We focus on recycling

Send us back your waste thermocouple wires and we will recycle them. We will credit your account for the sent material and use it for the future production of new products or we will directly purchase the material from you.