Powders for Metal Injection Molding (MIM)

Gas-atomized powders for Metal Injection Molding (MIM) are used for producing small parts, for which the accuracy of the final product must be guaranteed. Thanks to our unique type of packaging, the powders do not oxidize. That is why we can guarantee perfect characteristics of the powder even when opened after 6 months or more after its production.

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Particle Size Distribution (PSD)standardly > 15 um, and also according to customer requirements
Customized production

We are innovative

We have optimized the production process of the gas-atomized powders, making sure the powder guarantees excellent results when used with MIM systems. The developed powder is of a high fluidity, sphericity, low satellite volume, high chemical purity and low oxygen volume.

Thanks to our packaging with a protective atmosphere, no oxidation of the powders occurs. We can thus guarantee perfect properties of the powder even after 6 months after production.

Custom production as advantage

We can offer customized production of powder based on specific requirements of your application. You can rely on our flexibility and years of experience.

Recycling and buying back

Our company is ready to buy back your unused or waste material and us it for recycling. Our company places great emphasis on the environmental friendliness of its operations and it is therefore essential that waste materials are effectively recycled and returned to production.