Powders for Additive Manufacturing

Gas-atomized powders for 3D printing are particularly designed for customers who are involved in this technology. They bring new possibilities of various shapes and used materials. Due to their high electrical and thermal conductivity, they are used for thermally stressed parts such as rocket engine combustion chambers, heat exchangers, inductors or for many parts in electric vehicles. Thanks to our unique packaging type, no oxidation of the powders occurs. We can thus guarantee perfect properties of the powder even after 6 months.

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Particle Size Distribution (PSD)EBM: 40–105 um
Laser Beam: 15–45/20–63
Binder Jetting: <15/<25/<40
Customized production

We care about quality

We have optimized the production process of gas-atomized powders, making sure that the powder guarantees excellent results when used in additive manufacturing (AM) systems. This is also due to the fact that we have set up close cooperation with manufacturers of 3D printers. The developed powder has an optimal fluidity, particle sphericity, low satellite volume, high chemical purity and satisfactory volume of oxygen. We focus on a high quality of the powder packaging in a protective atmosphere, thanks to which they have perfect characteristics even after 6 months.

We offer customized production

We focus on customized production based on specific requirements of our customers, making sure that the powders exactly match specific applications and production systems. You can rely on short delivery times, flexible conduct and many years of experience.