Jewelry mechanics and components

Mechanics are mostly termination mechanisms for the production of chains and hanging mechanisms of earrings made of gold and silver alloys. When it comes to gold, we offer them in yellow, white and red colors. They include spring rings, flaps, balloons, clasps, etc. We produce a wide spectrum of their types and sizes.

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Composition– Au 585/1000 yellow, white, red
– Ag 925/1000
Customized production

We offer customized production

We provide flexible and customized solutions, making sure the jewelry mechanics and components meet your precise requirements. You can rely on the high quality of our products and on our flexibility and speed.

We focus on recycling

Send us back your waste semi-finished jewelry products and we will recycle them. We will credit your account for the sent material and use it for the future production of new products or we will directly purchase the material from you.