Core Shell Powders

The core and a shell of these powders are made of metal but we also examine Core Shell powders with a non-metallic core made of SiO2 and a shell made of Ag. We can prepare powders with multiple combinations of core and shell materials. The advantage of these powders is the ability to save money on precious metal and maintain or even improve the properties of the final products.

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Core materialShell
Packaging material content (wt. %)Particle size (µm)Particle shapeLayer thickness (µm)

We are innovative

Thanks to our controlled production we are able to prepare Core Shell powders with different core and shell weight ratios. At the same time we have many options for modifying the prepared powders: core and shell weight ratio, layer thickness, homogeneity of the prepared layer, bulk and tap density.

We produce customized powders

In close cooperation with our customers, we can also develop a new types of Core Shell powders which will have the required layer thickness and the controlled weight ratio of the core and the shell. Rely on our flexible and fast negotiations, many years of experience and innovative production in which we are focused on continuous development.


  • a wide range of particle sizes
  • possibility to coat different powders
  • different combination of care and shell material


  • electromagnetic shielding
  • radiofrequency shielding
  • microelectronics photovoltaics
  • cold spray deposition technique

Typical Quality Inspection Methods

  • particle size distribution
  • apparent density (AD)
  • tap density (TD)
  • moisture content
  • loss of ignition
  • cross section