Chemically Precipitated Silver Powders

It is a silver powder with a purity of at least 99.9%. By changing the production process we are able to influence the particle size distribution and surface morphology of the prepared powder. It is used in the electrochemical industry for the production of contacts, in the manufacture of cutting tools or for shielding against electromagnetic radiation. The powder is prepared by a controlled chemical reduction of the silver solution in a stirred chemical reactor, followed by a step of modifying the particle size distribution according to customer requirements.

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Powder typeBulk densityTapped densityLoss due to annealingHumidityChemical purityParticle distribution
140 C1,3–2,0 g/cm32,4–3,2 g/cm3< 0,1 %< 0,2 %99,9 %D10 10-13 µm
D50 25-40 µm
D90 55-80 µm
D100 <140 µm
140 M1,0–1,4 g/cm32,0–2,4 g/cm3< 0,1 %< 0,2 %99,9 %D10 7-12 µm
D50 28-35 µm
D90 57-67 µm
D100 <140 µm
63 M1,0–1,4 g/cm32,0–2,4 g/cm3< 0,1 %< 0,2 %99,9 %D10 5-10 µm
D50 18-27 µm
D90 35-46 µm
D100 <71 µm

We produce customized powders

In the first phase, an initial analysis of the customer’s requirements is carried out with regard to the technological possibilities of the powder production process. In case of non-standard requirements, we offer the customer the development of a new product. Rely on our many years of experience.


  • controlled particle structure and distribution
  • stable production quality
  • customised powder properties
  • recycling of scrap, final or failed products R