We offer semi-finished products of many variants and sizes. Pressed high gloss cuttings in thicknesses from 0.2 mm to 6 mm and diameters from 2.5 mm to 101 mm, which are suitable for proof and proof-like quality. The main production is focused on Ag 99.99%, Ag925 or Au 99.99%, Au 14k and Au 18k stampings. Safina, however, offers high quality Pd and Pt stampings.

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Safina guarantees the purity of the materials and alloy composition, as well as guaranteeing the correct weight of each shear, as we weigh each blank individually to ensure the correct weight. We are able to adjust the manufacturing processes to achieve the required hardness for suitable processing in stamping. At the same time, Safina has technologies where high homogeneity of the material is guaranteed as well as the appropriate crystalline structure and grain size.