Crystalline rhodium chloride and solution


Rhodium chloride hydrate is a dark red hygroscopic substance and is a common raw material for the preparation of other rhodium compounds and is also used as a catalyst in organic synthesis, e.g. direct conversion of methane to acetic acid, for the isomerization of alkenes and in the production of other compounds.

Chemical properties:
CAS-No: 20765-98-4 Mol. weight: 263.31 g / mol
EC: 233-165-4 Formula: RhCl3. x H2O

Where you can use it:
It is used in:

  • he production of homogeneous and heterogeneous chemical catalysts
  • in the production of organic compounds,
  • in catalytic converters (together with platinum),
  • platinum-rhodium alloys (content 5-30% Rh)
  • in the production of textile glass fibers,
  • LCD panels for digital watches and laptops,
  • in the manufacture of glass for screens
  • for the production of thermocouples for measuring high temperatures, etc.
  • Rh is also used to protect silver surfaces from blackening

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