Brazing Materials In Industrial Applications

Almost none of the major industries can do without precious metal-based products.

Safina, which has a long tradition in the complex processing of precious metals, focuses primarily on brazing materials in industrial applications. 

In production, Safina remembers the importance of natural and sustainable material cycle by recycling precious metal containing waste as well as assuring the ethical origin of the material.

The precious metal materials Safina produces are used everywhere: the automotive and aerospace industries, production of rail vehicle traction systems, electric motors, medical technology, hot water equipment, ventilation systems or air conditioning and more.  Typical representatives of industrial applications include precious metal sheets and wires, tubes and rods, contact materials and, last but not least, brazing alloys.
Bimetalický Ag/Cu nýtkový kontaktSafina develops most of its products for industrial applications in close cooperation with its customers. Precision and digital production enable products to be highly reproducible and easily verifiable according to international ISO standards. Unique product features enable the best application standards and optimal economic results.

Experience and Quality Materials

The high quality Safina prides itself on means that the brazing alloys are completely free of unwanted impurities and the material is homogeneous. The production of brazing filler metals is based on tradition and more than 50 years of experience. However, even in this sector, developments are taking place and Safina is keeping up with the times.
Pájka Ag15CuPIn addition to standard brazing materials, we also offer its own time-tested brazing materials made of special alloys, whose properties match individual customer requirements. These are brazing alloys with the addition of non-traditional metals such as indium, lithium, gallium, germanium or aluminum, which modify the working temperature for more suitable processing and thus improve the strength of the joint.

Safina is a Member of the Global Responsible Care Charter

Safina is a responsible processor and the commitment to sustainability of limited resources is an integral part of its manufacturing processes. Recycling and downstream chemical processes are therefore an important part of Safina‘s operations and production. Safina purchases waste containing precious metals from its customers, thereby preventing the waste of resources and the burden on the environment from excessive precious metal extraction or waste disposal.

It is therefore not surprising that we have signed up to the global Responsible Care Charter, which aims to create trust in the chemical industry. We also keep an eye on the sources of the materials Safina works with. That’s why we are a member of the Responsible Minerals Initiative and  are regularly certified on the Responsible Minerals Assurance Process, an assurance to the responsible supply chain approach.

Most of the brazing alloys manufactured in Safina correspond to standardized types according to ISO 17672 standards, or in the case of deliveries abroad to American AWS or aviation AMS standards. Safina’s domain is brazing material whose melting temperature starts at 600 °C. These are silver or palladium brazing metals and also  brazing metals with gold content.
Stříbrná pájka Ag72Cu28

For Daily-use Industrial Products, Mainly Silver Solder

They are used for the production of electric motors, generators, semiconductor diodes and in the entire HVAC&R (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) sector. The main driver is copper-phosphorus brazing alloy with 15% silver content (Ag15CuP). It is suitable for brazing copper and copper-based piping (bronze, brass) or electric motor parts. It is excellent for larger diameters as it can fill large gaps very well.

Ag72Cu28 alloy plays an important role in the production of brazing joints, mainly due to its universal use. It is used in the aerospace industry, for the production of semiconductor diodes, circuit breakers or electronics for cutting machines. It is an ideal material for vacuum brazing, especially for combinations of copper, steel, ceramics or glass.
Pájky pro karbid wolframu

Gold or Palladium

Among the unusual brazing alloys that we produce are those containing gold. For example, Au82Ni18 or Au75Ni25, the production of which is the result of a masterful melting process and annealing system, are supplied to the world’s leading aircraft engine manufacturers. Excellent oxidation resistance as well as good strength and ductility make these metals ideal for manufacturing fuel line assemblies and aero-engine components, vacuum and electron tubes, wave guides or surge protectors.

Palladium brazing alloys are sourced by the world’s largest manufacturer of airbag ignitors and seatbelt pretensioners. Due to the content of palladium, it is very expensive but also absolutely irreplaceable. Brazing metal containing palladium is very durable, has good conductivity and extreme resistance to corrosion, oxidation and harsh environment Brazing under a vacuum creates an extremely reliable and tight joint. Thanks to its reliability and durability, palladium brazing alloy made by Safina is used in the airbags of more than half of all of the cars in the world.

Safina has a long tradition in the complex processing and production of precious and non-ferrous metal products. It is a company with a significant influence and presence in Europe, America and Asia.

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