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The newly emerging innovation center in Dolní Břežany is interested in cooperating with Safina.

We would like to share with you news about a very interesting meeting that took place in Safina in April under all hygienic conditions.
In addition to conference and telephone calls, we are also looking for classic ways to meet potential partners. After all, a conference call will not replace personal contact, especially when arranging a new strategic cooperation.

So how did we meet in Safina?

We prepared a conference place directly in hall T1, at the time when all employees were already outside this space. All participants had to present a valid confirmation before entering the gatehouse about passing an antigen test not older than 72h and we went to hall T1 by the gallery. Then, we sat at sufficient intervals in the hall and we had respirators all the time, even during the presentation of the production possibilities of each participant or during the subsequent inspection of the hall.

We would like to thank the production team for providing the space and perfectly preparing it for this meeting, as well as for the professional presentation given by colleagues.

We would also like to thank the sales department and the MKT department for a clear presentation of our product lines.

Why did we meet and what did we discuss?

As you know, in our neighborhood there are many interesting technological and manufacturing companies and institutes that deal with projects from biotechnology, through materials engineering, development of the most powerful laser in the world, to projects related to the 4th Industrial Revolution, digitization and so-called Additive manufactiring (AM) and 3D printing.

Actually, Safina has several years of experience in the AM field, especially in the production of metallic powders and their subsequent application with Cold Spray technology, which is a part of AM technology.
With deepening experience in the field of manufacturing of metallic powders, we are looking for new customers, so we are approached by more and more companies, which test and continue to use our powders both for spraying technologies, including Cold Spray technology, and for 3D printing itself.

Our powders celebrate great success, as do the products made from them. We see great potential in this direction and therefore it makes sense for us to develop not only technologically and internationally, but also within our region. After an initial meeting with the representatives of the emerging center in the course of 2020 and after clarifying the directions of both parties, the meeting in Safina was another logical step.

Therefore we organized this meeting with representatives of all founding members of the newly emerging innovation center in Dolní Břežany, which will combine Digital Information HUB and B4I (so-called Brain For Industry) under one roof, which will focus on Additive, and therefore also on 3D technology. We met with members of the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, the National Competence Center, CARDAM (applied research for 3D printing) and Beneš and Lát. In addition to technical possibilities, we also discussed the possibilities of further synergies and development of cooperation in the field of additive technologies and 3D printing. During the first meeting, we already discovered interesting projects and topics on which both parties are interested in continuing the discussion, and if everything goes in the right direction, then to set up closer cooperation.

We aim to ensure that Safina develops not only technologically and internationally, but also contributes to the further development of our region, which is experiencing a boom in the development of modern technologies. Safina definitely has something to present in our region and in the field of additive technologies, but also something to develop and prove in the future.

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