Global AM: Safina and The Future of Additive Manufacturing

SAFINA and its role in the groundbreaking Global AM project

As part of industrial progress and innovation, SAFINA is proud to be involved in the Global AM project, which represents a new era in additive manufacturing. As a key player in this international consortium, SAFINA is using its expertise and experience in atomized powder manufacturing to push the boundaries of 3D printing.

The Global AM project, which aims to develop new materials and technologies for 3D printing, brings together the world’s leading innovators and research institutions to overcome current technological barriers. SAFINA’s focus in this project is on the development and production of special powder materials to meet the demanding requirements of the other partners and thus contribute to the achievement of the project’s key objectives.

First consortium partners meeting

A meeting of all Global AM project partners took place in Brussels from 30 to 31 January 2024. This first consortium meeting was held to discuss in detail the tasks of each partner, to define the main objectives of the project and to familiarise themselves with their responsibilities. The meeting was a key platform for the exchange of ideas and strategies to ensure the successful achievement of the project objectives.

During the meeting, a variety of innovative approaches and solutions were presented that have the potential to significantly enrich the field of additive manufacturing. SAFINA, with its long-standing expertise in 3D printing materials, took a key role in the project. The company is committed to the development and production of powder materials that will not only meet the technical requirements of the project, but also contribute to the wider application of 3D printing in industrial production.

Vision for the Future

The Global AM project opens up new possibilities for additive manufacturing, and by working with leading industrial partners, the company is moving closer to realizing its ambitious goals. The first consortium meeting is just the beginning of a long and exciting journey of innovation that has the potential to redefine standards in 3D printing.

SAFINA is proud to be part of this groundbreaking project and looks forward to further collaboration with the other partners. By working together and sharing expertise, the Global AM project is on its way to reaching new technological heights and opening up new possibilities for additive manufacturing around the world.

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