24 Carat (99.99%) Gold Targets

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The use of 24 carat (99.99%) gold targets in industrial production is intrinsically linked to the production of electronic components or the sputtering of very thin functional layers. For the needs of decorative layers, more economically available alloys, faithfully imitating the colour of gold, are currently used.

Nevertheless, we still register a demand for products with higher added, utility or artistic value, mainly hi-fashion products – luxury textiles (gilded threads), metal parts of handbags and other fashion or home accessories, mobile phone covers etc.

Based on the demand of our customers, we have developed a production process to manufacture thermal-sprayed gold rotary targets. Using many years of experience, we have managed to achieve good adhesion between the gold coating and the carrier – the stainless steel tube. Analyses carried out on the finished product have confirmed to us that the oxygen content and porosity are at a excellent (i.e. very low) level. As a result, our customers can efficiently deposit very thin layers of high purity gold that have perfect physical and mechanical properties such as uniformity, homogeneity or abrasion resistance.

For our customers we are able to produce rotary targets with gold layer thickness starting from 0.5 mm.

Of course, we also recycle used (sputtered) targets with the possibility of reusing the gold and refurbishing the existing carrier.

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