Safina, a.s. in 2021 expanded new portfolio of Bushings for glass fibers, which are made from Platinum and Rhodium alloys.

Glass fibers are valued mainly for their technical properties such as high strength, ductility and also resistant to high temperatures. Fibers are widely used in the construction and automotive industries. The sheats are made of PtRh alloys, which are the optimal choice due to their unique strength at high temperatures. These sheats are made of platinum alloys, which are one of the most widely used metals despite their high investment costs.

The advantage is excellent resistance to oxidation by ambient air and corrosion resistance. Almost all continuous glass fibers are produced by attenuating molten drops of glass coming out of nozzles placed in a special furnace called Bushing. Bushing’s design is based on the parameters of the glass fiber manufacturer, which require more precise parameters for the size of the nozzles, their arrangement and number, which affect the flow of glass and the subsequent production of fibers.

The base glass strand is made by forming, which is achieved by drawing molten glass flowing from the Bushing holes at high speed. Fibers are formed between fifty to several hundred. These fibers can be in several diameters, depending on the end use.

At the same time, we qualified as a supplier at the Czech company Saint Gobain Adfors from Litomyšl, where we annually supply up to 24 Bushings to their plants in Europe and America. Saint Gobain Adfors uses fiberglass for construction and industrial applications, such as fiberglass glass or tapes for gypsum board joints.

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